Baby Birthdays: Urlesque 1 week old and B&L are 9 Months Old!

Hello friends!

I've been super busy at work launching a new site: Urlesque.com. Basically, a site about fun/weird stuff on the Internet, web trends, etc. And since you can't take the cat outta the girl, I've already found a tie-in that enabled me to post a round-up of cat videos. I guess now I'm technically getting paid to find ridiculous things on the web like Cats Crankin' That. Check out the blog... it's been a ton of late nights and early mornings but we're extremely excited about it.

Here are a few good places to start:
+ Cat Ladies Rejoice! Flickr Video Breathes Life into Cat Photos
+ Hello World: LOL Together, Right Now, Over Us [an intro]
+ Marching Band Cover Songs [for matt & steph]
+ We give our opinion on the NYT article about the 'dangers' of blogging
...and so much more!

Not that you care! You wanna hear about
Buster and Lyla. Okay, fine. The kitties are doing so well... they are as sweet as ever and if you're keeping track [as I'm obviously not], they're now 9 months old! To me they seem pretty much full grown, or close. Buster's still huge with his big clumsy paws and Lyla is still petite. I have taken photos recently so I'll try to get those uploaded soon. They're starting to settle down more so they're not as exciting to report about on a daily basis. Although I know you guys want the juice! Here are a few to keep you happy : )

lyla's new spot: on the microwave or up on the cabinets.
IMG_7742lyla relaxes

buster sweet face.

I have my next pet-slanted list for Urlesque already in mind, don't worry! That and more B&L coming soon...


  1. Mirza said...
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  2. Mirza said...

    Sounds like a fun job. I mean its like getting paid to tumble. Plus tumblr makes it so easy to find cool links on the internets. Question: how do you get into url-o-sphere.

    ziked {dot} com