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Since it's pretty daunting to update this blog, we've moved over to Tumblr where it'll be easy for mom to post updates and pictures of our cuteness. Follow us, bookmark it, or add the new URL to your RSS readers.

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Happy Holidays from Buster, Lyla and Kelly (2008)

Better late than never. All the best in 2009, dear readers.

It's All About Buster and Lyla in 2009!

Long time no talk, folks! I know, I know, I'm the one to blame. But the good news is that during the silence, I haven't slacked on taking lots of photos of the kitties so there will be plenty of adorable updates to come. Returning to regular updates on this blog is one of my New Year's resolutions, after all. :)

First off, please admire how big the kitties have gotten since we last checked in:

They're still as sweet as ever, thankfully! They've had some adjustments within the last 6 or so months as we moved into a new apartment. It's much bigger than our old one, so the kitties have lots of room to run around, find multiple napping spots and, well, get in trouble.

Like I said, lots of new updates and pictures from the last few months and beyond to come.... but in the meantime, please enjoy the Buster and Lyla pumpkin that I carved for Halloween 2008.


Very Sad Day: Remembering Lucy Reeves

Today, as I was wrapping up at work and about to head home, I got a phone call from Mom who informed me that they had to put Lucy to sleep today. Lucy as you may recall is either B&L's aunt or sister (whichever way you look at it) and lived with my parents in GA. It was relatively out of the blue, as Lucy is the youngest of all five of the Reeves family cats in GA, and only showed signs of slugishness/off-ness within the past few days.

I don't know all the details, but it involved something about fluid and heart troubles and a 25 % chance.

Not only was Lucy the sweetest cat our family has ever owned, but she and Jackson were soulmates. I'm saddened when thinking about how much Jackson will miss her as he starts to realize that she's never coming back. Sure he has 3 other cats to keep him company, but it's really not the same. (Especially since they are not his biggest fans since he and Lucy teamed up to terrorize them, sometimes)

I think what's catching me off guard the most is how unanticipated it was. Every time I visit home, I spend an extra few minutes petting and loving on Samantha and Tabitha (our 17 year old cats) as I prepare myself that it may be my last time saying goodbye to them. The thought of one of the other 3 cats dying before them has never ever entered my mind.

Don't really know what else to say, but it's never easy losing a pet. Especially one that was so sweet, snuggily and excited to see you. I wish Buster and Lyla could've gotten a chance to meet her. Lucy... you will be missed.

(ps, sorry mom, stop crying. this was therapeutic for me.)


Pet Charts Loves Buster's Big Paws

Lyla had her moment in the Purina Pet Charts sun (she's #12 on the All Time voting list now, btw), and now Buster has been chosen, too.

Vote for Buster's sleepy face and his ginormous paws here.

We're still not sure what voting actually accomplishes (read: nothing), but it's still fun for the kitty's pride and fame.

In other kitty news, Buster and Lyla will be celebrating their first birthday this weekend (my how time flies) and lots of updates to come.