helllllllo! we're all still alive.

hi dear readers. so sorry that i haven't given you an update on the kitties in a while... been very busy at work! i'm back from austin and the kitties were very sweet when i came home. they were very thankful that kim and jason took such good care of them and are a little sad that their new friends stopped coming by to play!

buster seems to be growing by the minute. he is such a big kitty. hopefully, he'll stop growing soon. he is a full two-handfuls to carry. he loves to just lay on the floor and stretch out . he still snuggles with mommy at nighttime, though. he's the sweetest boy.


buster's box paradise

lyla is still on the dainty side and has recently discovered her new favorite sitting spot: on top of the kitchen cabinets. we tried to keep her off at first, but there is no stopping this stubborn lil lady.

more photos and updates to come!


  1. colette g said...

    We wuz wurried ... glad ur bak!