Aventures in Kittysitting

Hi it's Kim! I'm Buster & Lyla's kittysitter while their mommy Kelly is down rocking, rolling and patrolling at SXSW.

We've been having lots of fun -- I, Buster, Lyla, Cookie Monster and special guest, Jason. I think they were a little wary of me at first because during my first visit, they spent most of the time in Kelly's bedroom wrestling with Cookie Monster and peeking out into the livingroom. But we did get in some quality cuddling during 'American Idol.' It was really sad leaving them Wednesday night!

Yesterday was better. I think they're getting used to me and having Jason last night to help play was key. Two sitters, two kitties = lots more love.

I've learned a lot about these kitties in just two days. While Kelly did warn me that Lyla loves to jump on top of the fridge, I wasn't prepared for exactly how much ... stuff would be on the floor upon entering the apartment each time. Paper towels, tea, magnets ... I crack up. I also died laughing, when I walked in on Wednesday night and found two little play mice in their water bowl. Are they protesting their mommy being away by drowning fuzzy toys? Or was it a present for their caretaker? I can't be sure.

Hope you like the photos Kelly! They miss you (I can tell).