lyla likes to play fetch

lyla has developed a new skill [besides getting into EVERYTHING and driving me crazy]. she likes to play fetch. i have no idea where this came from and it's not something i trained her to do using treats, etc. it just happened one day. and now it's like our little playtime together. whenever she wants to play fetch she brings a toy to me on the bed and drops it down. i stayed up way too late last night and made a video to show her skills because who on earth would believe me! by special request, this one's for you jen!

apologies for the shaky hand [it's hard to film and play]!


  1. colette g said...

    Aww ... Beaver used to do this ... You must have a cat knack ... :)
    Aunt Colette

  2. Maretta said...

    Kelly this is cute. A nice choice of music A good change from your usual music.
    Love, Mom

  3. Abbey said...

    My cat, Gus plays fetch too! Maybe he and layla can be long distance blog lovers/friends. :)