schmupdate & photos!

the blog has been fairly quiet this week, and for that i apologize.

the kitties have been awfully naughty this week [perhaps amidst the terrible twos?] by pulling down aunt jessie's curtains and running out of the front door and into the hall everytime mommy comes home. yeesh!

i'm warning ya, this space will be even quieter next week as mommy [AND jeff, usual kittysitter] are going out of town! i'm so very sad to leave the kitties again but aunt jessie will be taking good care of them. maybe we can nudge her into guest posting, we'll see.

here are some cute photos to make up for the quietness. enjoy!

buster a fan of recycling:
buster chillin with mags

lyla pimpin her page:
the tails of buster and lyla

lyla is nuts:
lyla hangin out on the door

kitties always getting into something:

she will eat you next:

buster hunts:
buster wants it

lyla hunts:
lyla watches the bird from above

and exactly what i was thinking... is this day over yet?

see ya after vay-cay!