lyla's spay day!

good morning! lyla is currently 'under the knife' [i'm assuming] i dropped her off about an hour or two ago...and supposed to pick her up later this evening.

buster seems a little more concerned with where lyla is than she was when he was getting his alteration. occasionally, he'll walk around and cry for her. he's a very loving brother.

sweet sleepy kitties

now, however, he's just chillin' next to me and taking a bath.
buster bathes

poor lyla. getting the snip snip. she's been my little medical emergency so far... so i'm a little nervous, although sure everything will be fine.

updates to come!


  1. Wes said...

    omg! can't believe they have been separated, even for a day.

  2. kelly reeves said...

    i know! i'm working from home because i felt guilty leaving buster alone. yes overprotective, much?