today's the day! buster's ballchop update...

i meant to write about this earlier... but today was buster's ballchop. honestly, i had a few tears in my eyes when i dropped him off at the vet. what? i didn't want him to be scared!

so i just spoke to the vet and he is doing 'just fine'.

['just fine' mary j. blige]

i'll be picking him up in a few hours! i stayed home with lyla today because i thought she might get confused without him around and looking for him... but turns out it's not really affecting her at all. she's just sleeping her day away per usual. yep, i realize i'm overprotective.

['overprotected' britney spears]

regardless, the operation is over and buster is half the man he used to be.

['creep' stone temple pilots]


  1. Fish Drink Water said...

    Good to know that you helped control the pet population and had your pet spayed or neutered, which ever one it is they do to boys, I always forget.