linknip: big brother

on a scale of 1-100, how psycho would you think i was if i bought a petcam to see what the kitties are up to all day? only $100! think of the possibilities. hey, then maybe YOU could see them in action too?

pals over at bklynbunny have been showcasing their bunbun roebling via live bunny cam since 2005. they even developed lots of fun, unique merch for the site [room sprays? rad]. and now, for a good cause! all sales of their BB products go to animal charities. i am a proud owner of a pink BB tee.

this is roebling:

pic via BB of course : )
hop on over to see what he's up to.

eh who am i kidding? my loony cats would knock over that camera before i even get it installed.

buy camster @ target. [thx petsugar for the cam tip]