hiya world. well i'm still trying to get back in the swing of things after the holidays & vacation. bear with me!

the kitties have been oh-so-sweet since my return, although they're not eating very much [stopped eating when i was gone, awww] hopefully, they'll build back up their appetite soon especially now that we're back on schedule.

i almost totally forgot about this... but this thursday is a big day. lyla is having her spay day! yes, you heard me right, lyla will be having a little procedure! so sad. now if you remember, the vet said we should have lyla's little ticker looked at before she goes under the anesthesia. he thinks that the mumur isn't bad enough to create any compliations so we're going ahead with the surgery. don't want her goin' in heat and yellin' in my ear all night up in here. regardless, i'm still very anxious about the whole thing with the murmur issue AND the allergic reaction that one time...lyla is my little medical issue. she's still so tiny! so anyway, that is coming soon.

here are some cute pictures and a video that i don't think i posted yet of the kitties watching their video catnip!

hi pet me!