visit to the vet, part 2

the kitties visited the vet last week for their third and final round of starter vaccinations and first rabies shot.

lyla and buster in the carrier

i was a tad leery of vaccinating lyla after the 'exciting' events of last time. to be safe, dr. k gave lyla a steroid shot to combat any possible allergic reactions. good news! no swollen face this time around : )

scopin out the scene

at this visit, buster weighed in at 5.8 lbs... such a big boy. lyla is starting to catch up! she weighed in at 4.35 lbs and doubled her weight from last visit.

sept-> oct -> nov
1.6 -> 3.9 -> 5.8

sept -> oct -> nov
1.3 -> 2.13 -> 4.35

i didn't mention this last time, but lyla has a little heart murmur [i know, so sad, no?] typically if a kitten has a murmur, and it's not a larger issue, it will go away before four weeks, the vet told us. unfortunately, lyla's is still there :( folks advise to check the heart out before she gets spayed and undergoes anesthesia via an echo cardiogram. i'm still trying to decide what to do about the ECG as I of course don't want to put lyla at risk, but can't imagine that the ECG is a cost-efficient test. part of me feels that she still needs to grow a little... who knows. to buy myself a little time, i've gone ahead and set a date for buster's 'procedure' which i lovingly refer to as the 'buster ballchop' in my calendar. d-day is friday november 30th. yikes! if we get buster fixed, then i can rest assured that the kitties won't make kittybabies while we figure out the situation with lyla's little heart before getting her spayed.

off topic, but do any of you lovely readers have pet insurance? worth it? not? scam? please share your stories in the comments or e-mail me! since lyla [especially] is seeming to become my little walking health issue [i mean that with all the love in the world, of course]... i'm curious if it would be worth it. i can get a discount through work benefits so it crossed my mind.

that's the latest in the kitties health : ) will keep you posted on the status of lyla's pitterpattering heart and buster's ballchop! let's hope she just gets really excited and that lyla doesn't really have a larger heart problem.

buster at the vet

ALSO! i need a new carrier as clearly they are crammed in the one i have now. does anyone have any recommendations of cute [if possible, or not unfortunate looking] soft, sided carriers. i have a hard one now and it's so difficult to carry and they're outgrowing it!

buster smooshed his face