lyla's long night

last night the kitties went to the vet for their second round of vaccinations and check up. we had an evening appointment at their new vet... st. marks vet. [with frank's recommendation]. they saw dr. kurowski who was just the best. i love my kitties because they aren't very shy in around new people or environments. they popped right out of the carrier with curiosity. their long lost brothers and sisters in GA would have been shaking in their boots at the very idea of leaving the house.

after getting their shots, buster was calm and collected, as usual, and lyla seemed a little shaken up. buster weighed in at 3.9 lbs [compared to 1.6 lbs at his last visit a month ago] and lyla weighed in at 2.13 lbs [compared to 1.3 lbs].

when we got home, lyla started acting pretty wild. binge eating, throwing up, etc. i will spare the other details. i figured this is normal after-the-vaccination behavior, as i know it can shake them up quite a bit. after a little time had passed, i looked at lyla's face and realized that her face looked puffed up. it was pretty easy to tell that something wasn't right as generally her face is very thin. in addition, her eyes looked swollen and she was shaking. in my experience, vaccinations usually make kitties sleepy so when lyla was running around, restless, and very frantic i got very nervous. it seemed that she was having an allergic reaction of some sort...to either the vaccination or dewormer.

so, naturally i freaked out and took her to the 24 hour, Animal Medical Center [which was AMAZING btw]. buster looked so sad and confused when we packed lyla back in the carrier and left without him. but he was showing no signs of a reaction and was his typical cool-as-a-cucumber form.

lyla was quickly seen and the doctors gave her a steroid of some sort and benedryl to combat the reaction. immediately, she started to look and act better. thank goodness for the speediness of the AMC! i'm happy to report that lyla seems back to normal and is happy and frisky. but lil lady gave me quite a scare. what a night!