our new t-shirt!

i'll just come out and say it. i REALLY want to dress my kitties up in little clothes. i know they won't like it, but i can't help it. i glimpse at the racks and racks of dog clothes at the pet store and I get jealous. in fact, i wouldn't have even seriously entertained the notion [ok maybe] until an episode of 'the hills' inspired me. YES, you heard me right. not only am i admitting to watching [and loving] the hills... but it inspired me.

in episode 2 of the third season, LC is seen holding an ADORABLE kitty in an ADORABLE sweater/vest.

[all images from Lauren-Conrad.net. Visit there to get the haps on The Hills. : ) ] the kitty looks so calm. so happy. it freakin' loves its sweater!

i just had to dress up my kitties to be just as cute.

maybe i should have taken a cue from the petstores when kitty clothes were NOWHERE to be found. but that wouldn't stop me.

i found an extra-small baby rib dog T shirt @ american apparel and decided to purchase it. at the very least, with the way buster is growing he'll be able to fit into it soon, i pondered.

well... turns out that buster wasn't really a fan of the shirt. he didn't move too much and when he did, he was walking like a drunk kitty. here's a really boring video of him rolling around the floor.


but doesn't he look so handsome?
buster wearing a t-shirt

this is a good lesson in how chill buster is. he clearly wants the shirt off and won't move but he doesn't freak out. just walks along the wall and rubs along the floor somehow hoping that will magically help.

floppy buster

next up? lyla.
she hated the shirt even more than buster did. in fact, i was going to take a video of her and she was wriggling around and had it halfway off before i could even grab the camera to video. poor lyla. look at her persistance here.
lyla removes shirt

so fine. kitties don't like the T-shirt. they didn't like the sleeves along their arms. maybe it was too big and restricting. my take away... maybe next time I'll try a sweater vest... so their walking isn't effected. i've gotta get them liking to wear SOMETHING!


  1. Bekah said...

    we bought daizie a bumble bee halloween costume from target for wee little puppies.. she absolutely 100% hates it
    clarence always dressed up as santa for xmas, so we can't undersatnd why she doesn't want to buzz like a bee.
    buster is getting HUGE