lyla likes [her boyfriend] cookie monster.

i'm just going to come out and say it. lyla is a little needy. i find myself assuming that she's the runt because she's SO small compared to buster, and has an insane need-to-pretend-i'm-nursing/nuzzling issue [especially in my hair]. it's cute and don't get me wrong, i love the attention... but borderline starts creeping me out when she's sucking on my neck. ALSO, her claws are getting stronger, so they dig in as well.

i read online that it helps to 'ween' them off onto a stuffed animal/blanket/something for comfort. i don't have too many stuffed animals lying around my apartment except for a cookie monster that i acquired when visiting the ACTUAL sesame street [yes, i have a photo of moi in oscar's trashcan].

so i introduced the little cuddle fiend to her new mate...and voila! cookie monster is now lyla's true love. see for yourself.

lyla and cookie monster

adorable sweet lyla

lyla bangs cookie monster


  1. kim said...

    ok. kelly ... i can't HANDLE these photos. i'm going to EAT HER!