the buster headlock

when i was looking to adopt kitties [and at the end of my rope with another adoption group, who will remain nameless], jeff and i attended a Cupcakes and Critters adoption/fundraising event put on by City Critters.

when we arrived, they weren't fully set up yet [as they were loading the available animals onto a fancy A/C'd bus] and a lot of the kitties were inside of an animal hospital. we took a walk to see the all the available kitties... a little leg up on the other attendees and 'competition.' we immediately saw lots of kitties in lots of carriers strewn about the floor. lil black and white kitties looked friendly. a cute lil calico saw us and cried from across the room.

we peered into one carrier and saw 2 tiny tiny kitties just playing so hard. 'i want those guys' jeff said. and the rest is history.

jeff's first memory of my kitties in the carrier was buster and lyla playing and wrestling and buster putting lyla in a headlock.

i took a cute video of them playing the other day, and buster did his infamous headlock. i remembered the fond memory of the tiny kitties that we picked out that day...


and the background noise? the beautiful sounds of friday night lights.