on sunday night, jessie and i decided to give the kitties a bath. i know, i know... kitties 'bathe' themselves, but they hadn't been bathed since coming to live with me and had a different home/cage smell to them. and besides, i bought some cute kitten shampoo with a cute kitten on it and i really wanted to use it [left].

we started with lyla. took her into the bathroom [the kitties have never been in there before] and she was a little nervous when i turned on the water.
lyla pre-bath

overall, she did fairly well. she freaked out for a little at first, but then she calmed down and almost seemed to enjoy it. all the while shaking like a weed in a storm. some photos:

wet lyla
not happy.

why are you doing this to me
her face says it all.

lyla smiles
is that a smile i see?

lyla is mad at me
how do you really feel lyla?

next up, buster. i was nervous he would freak out because one time he stepped in his own poop [oh the joys of young kittenhood] and i tried to wash his paw off. he flipped. buster's bath was short lived. he could not calm down and ended up biting the crap out of my hand. he got rinsed off, but not suds'd up.
some photos:
buster pre bath
pre-bath, not sure what's about to happen.

buster in bath
freakout in 3..2..1..

that's about it. for obvious reasons, the buster photos did not come to fruition.

in hindsight i should have handled the situation better and read the
bathing kitty' tips that i read after the biting incident...not run the water, use a pitcher, not a new setting... i dunno. but man did they have role reversal in this situation! lyla certainly smelled much better afterwards and was so soft. buster [even though he only got wet] was softer as well.