It's All About Buster and Lyla in 2009!

Long time no talk, folks! I know, I know, I'm the one to blame. But the good news is that during the silence, I haven't slacked on taking lots of photos of the kitties so there will be plenty of adorable updates to come. Returning to regular updates on this blog is one of my New Year's resolutions, after all. :)

First off, please admire how big the kitties have gotten since we last checked in:

They're still as sweet as ever, thankfully! They've had some adjustments within the last 6 or so months as we moved into a new apartment. It's much bigger than our old one, so the kitties have lots of room to run around, find multiple napping spots and, well, get in trouble.

Like I said, lots of new updates and pictures from the last few months and beyond to come.... but in the meantime, please enjoy the Buster and Lyla pumpkin that I carved for Halloween 2008.