my first ever kitties: wally and beaver

before i was ever born, mom & dad adopted two little orange boy kittens. as i've mentioned before, my parents have a soft spot for naming kitties after tv show characters... so they were named wally and beaver.

wally and beaver

i've had a slew of sweet kitties in my life, but beaver was hands down the sweetest. he would always stick by my side and if i was upset he would comfort me. he was such a good snuggler, and would sleep under the covers with his head on my pillow next to me. [i have a picture of this somewhere. i need to upload it!]

beaver and me

wally passed away when i was in second grade or so, before we moved into our second house in ga...where i lived out the majority of my childhood. wally and i were never super close, as he was partial to mom. after we moved, we adopted samantha and tabitha... and even though beaver was old, he was such a sweet big brother and played with them.

i want to say that beaver died when i was in fourth grade. i remember my parents letting me go to the vet to say goodbye to him. he was really ill in the end, and even though my little mind had a hard time grasping what was going on, it was obvious that it was his time. i have another memory of sitting in the kitchen floor, gripping a picture of him and just sobbing. not sure if it was the same night or when. i always say he was my best friend. and although people make fun of me... i knew he cared. aaaand i'm seriously choked up right now.

on a lighter note, it wasn't until recently that my mom told me about how beaver had some health issue where they had to remove his manhood. like even further than neutering. my parents joke that he had a sex change. aww beaver. we still love you.


this one's for you wally & bevo! hope you're eating so many treats in kittyheaven... you deserve them.

beaver and wally


  1. colette g said...

    AWWW ... I remember Beaver used to lick my eyelashes ... And don't forget how he played catch with paper wads! I miss him too! You are right ... he was the SWEETEST ... even sweeter than my Mousie was! Thanks for the memories! Aunt Colette

  2. Maretta said...

    Kelly, I love your memoir to Wally and Beaver. As their mother, I loved them equally, of course, but as with you and Matt with your individual special talents and personalities, so were Wally and Beaver special in their own way. You will learn this as you enjoy your life with Lyla and Buster.
    Love, Mom