HALP! cat sitter/boarding recommendations

in march, both mommy and jessie are going out of town at the same time for sxsw. typically jeff is the kitties' amazing babysitter...except he will be gone too! oh noes.

i'm already very anxious about this, and not sure what i'm going to do with the kitties when the time comes to leave. the kitties are pretty set in their schedule as far as cats go and i think they'll go crazy without any supervision. if i don't come home for a night, they run around like psychokittehs and lyla cries a lot. [she is needy and loves her mommy, what can i say?] anywho, it's less than few months away so i wanted to start thinking about it!

do any readers have any local [nyc, manhattan, east village] recommendations for pet sitters or boarding? or are any of my wonderful friends interested in dropping by and feedings/playing with the kitties [you will be compensated of course!] you can even stay at my place if you'd like.

they're very sweet and won't cause you any trouble. our apartment is also located near astor place, very close to the R,W and 6 trains. any takers or recommedations? please let me know! e-mail me: kellyreeves @ gmail dot com.