A Weekend Away from Mommy

Hi! We miss our Mom sooooooo much. She went home for Thanksgiving and couldn't take us, so we're just hanging out with Jeff all weekend. We were up at 6 o clock this morning, running around her bedroom in circles, wrestling with each other, meowing, biting everything we can find. It was so great! Kitty Black Friday is so much fun! Who needs shopping? At some point, Jeff let us into the living room. (I made a Door-BUSTER joke, but B didn't laugh) It was SO AWESOME because we got to knock over the Christmas tree again. That's probably the most fun thing ever. We do it like 20 times a day. You know what's also fun? Hiding all our little toy mice. And not in the usual spot, either. We saw Jeff stumble out of bed and try to get them out with the hanger this morning at like 7:15, but we just laughed and laughed cause they're not there! Where are they? I dunno... It's fun trying to grab the coat hanger from him while he's trying to scoop out toys tho. I wonder why he looks so tired?

So lets see, what else. We learned to get onto a new shelf last night. It's the one where Jeff puts his wallet and cell phone on at night and there are all these little glass vases. So that's been fun to get into. Jeff doesn't look too thrilled tho. We also found this random pink flower and hid it in the bed some time last night. Boy oh boy did Jeff look confused when he found THAT this morning. OH, and Buster's poop smells SO BAD these days. I think Jeff woke up once in the middle of the night because of the stench. He looked like he was gonna throw up.

All that said, we tried our best to be very sweet last night, at least for a little bit. Jeff fed us the special Turkey and Giblets kitten food for Thanksgiving, and it was so yummy we each ate a whole can. When he came home later, we cuddled and nuzzled with him until he fell asleep. He fed us this morning at like 8 and we ate a little bit before passing out in the living room. Black Friday is exhausting!

Ok, I'm gonna go pass out on Cookie Monster for a bit before I go sit on the windowsill and stare at the outside world for the next 5 hours. Cause that's what I do when nobody's around. (And the Christmas tree is already on the floor.) Talk to y'all soon.



  1. kelly reeves said...

    aw kitties! i miss you! don't be naughty! be home sooooooon.