merry cat-mas, part uno

so it's november and instead of thinking about what i want for christmas, i think about what i can get the kitties for Christmas. if you're looking to buy the kitties [or your kitties] a gift, i will offer a few suggestions.

#1 VIDEO CATNIP - http://www.videocatnip.com/

jeff tipped me off to this one after hearing about it on NPR's 'This American Life' podcast. basically, it's a DVD for kitties to watch. apprently kitties are captivated by woodsy scenes.

from the site: 'Video Catnip is a professionally videotaped and edited compilation of Birds, Squirrels, and Chipmunks designed to entertain cats.'

this is why i want it:

this would be perfect for buster and lyla who will probably never step foot outdoors since we live in the city.

only $19.95! free shipping! what a bargain.

more gift options to come...