buster likes to sleep in my lap, paper

buster, in strict accordance with his very chilled out disposition, likes to be held and to take afternoon naps in my lap. isn't this this sweetest?

buster sleeps
edit: and yes i know you're v jealous of my shirt.

he is also a big fan of paper:
awwwww. just scrumple a piece of paper and watch out cause he's all over it, stat.

in other b&l news... they almost reached super web-stardom yesterday. they were two-or-three-mouse-click-edits away from having their blog URL shouted out [by moi] on one of my fave music blogs idolator. [in the video]. better luck next time!

but, more excitedly, they have received some link love from four four which is pretty much one of the most amazing blogs on the planet. please read. go for the Winston and stay for the ANTM & Project Runway recaps [and enlightening posts like THIS].

better luck next time!


  1. Rebekah said...

    thank GOD for cinco-de-mayo when lots of alcohol is consumed and creepy guys give us amazing shirts
    loves to the babes