okay. I went away for the weekend [Thurs pm - Mon am] and when I got back this morning the kitties are HUGE. don't worry, they were not unattended... my roomie was home. i seriously felt like i had a weekend 'away from the kids.' the past two weeks have been such a delight with my new babes, but at the same time it has been very exhausting. feeding three times a day, cleaning the messes they make about twice a day, keeping me up at night... oh you know and trying to still have a life, too.

it's so insane what a difference a few days makes in the lives of kittens. they're now nine weeks old [yardstick pics to come tomorrow].they are finally getting bigger appetites and have become good eaters. they're really starting to discover their claws and use them to climb things. it's only a matter of time before they discover the tapestry hanging on the wall behind the couch. shhhh don't tell them please. they're entering into that crazy kitten stage where they get into EVERYTHING.

buster is such a sweet, sweet boy. he is very relaxed unless he is jumping and playing. he loves to be held and snuggled on. he's pretty good at straight chillin'. he also doesn't really bring out the claws when playing with you.

lyla, on the other hand, is a little more high maintainence. she brings out the claws, is NUTZO about nuzzling in my HAIR and is always getting into something. but, it's hard to get mad at her when she has such a sweet face.

i've taken loads more pictures [surprise!] so more to come. just thought i'd add a lil update about what i've noticed after being away from them for a few days.